Company Background

By choice, our company focuses on selected key customers within our distribution area. This enables us to deliver an exceptional hygiene services and create client satisfaction.  It empowers us to truly serve our clients in their best interest and not let their individuality be swallowed up by corporate company policy. Our drive, passion and determination of our employees create a mutually beneficial relationship between client and supplier.

The credentials of our senior management that have lead to the success of our company include vast experience in the hygiene service industry, financial management and high levels of business experience and tertiary education.

Our head office is located in the East of Pretoria and our primary target market is Pretoria and the immediate surrounding areas.

Mission Statement

Our company is founded on exceptional business ethics and passion for client satisfaction. We aim to be the leader in our market, which encompasses all aspects of washroom hygiene, equipment and servicing.  The key elements to our success are to uphold the principles of service excellence, quality, integrity, respect and fairness to both the suppliers and clients.



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