Bio purinel refill 310ml Each

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Bio Enzyme Urinal Cleaner – prevents uric scale build-up in urinals.
  • Bio Enzyme Urinal Cleaner that is used in the auto cleaner dispenser
  • Prevents uric scale build up from occurring, but also cleans existing scale build up
  • This helps to maintain pipes, traps and drains of urinals
  • Helps reduce bad smells in men’s washrooms


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On a more technical note:
  • This is a biotechnology-based product for the treating of urinals (contains enzymes)
  • Enhances the biodegradation of organic matter in downstream effluent
  • 100% Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Bio Purinel formula contains live microorganisms that live off the scale in the urinal plumbing, physically eating the scale away
  • Bio Purinel contains 7x more of these colony forming units than traditional bio products. To be exact 100 million colony forming units per 1ml of bio purinel


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