Pedal Sanitary Bin WHITE 12L

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Designed by Woman for Woman – Touch Free Operation


Designed by Woman for Woman – Touch Free Operation
  • Slimline sanitary bin that fits in easily next to any toilet
  • Pedal operation, limits direct contact with the bin.
  • Polypropylene plastic, making this a very durable bin that can be bent and squeezed but won’t break
  • Smooth, ridge-free design is easy to wipe down and does not collect dust
  • Top opening
  • The bin is discreet. A Flute chute and a front opening lid, prevents the user from seeing the contents of the bin
  • Because the opening is smaller, washroom users cannot put large objects into the bin, preventing it from getting full quickly
  • The bin is tamper proof, so it prevents people from opening it



Sanitary bin disinfectant powder and deodoriser – keeps the content of the sanitary bin disinfected and odour free between services
  • Ensures sanitary waste is safely and hygienically stored in the bin, between services
  • Keeps the washroom fresh – eradicates bad odours and keeps the bin fresh between services
  • Keeps the bin hygienic by deactivating germs and bacteria
  • 1 x 5kg gives 250 scoops of product, 1 scoop is required per sani bin service
Liners used for the service of sanitary bins. Available in different colours
  • Available in red, blue
  • 100 liners per pack
  • 25 micron
  • Size of one liner – 610 x 580mm

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions46.3 × 14 × 48 cm

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